If anyone is interested in learning some of the technical details behind 3D shoots and wants to help their club, becoming a Local 3D Judge is just the ticket!  This test is only a single page, and you will find the answers in the Archery Canada Rule book online.  To be accredited as a Local Judge, simply print out and complete the 3D Judges Test below, and contact Lee Hart (wascanaarchersinfo@gmail.com) to arrange a time to submit the completed test to our Provincial Judge Co-ordinator.  Very simple and quick.

We will need a number of Local Judges to help with the File Hills Tribal Council Sask First Nations Summer Games that Wascana is hosting August 8/9 2017.  But our club also benefits financially through the SAA MAP Grant application as the more Local Judges a club has, the higher the grant we receive each year!


Please consider, and let us know if any questions.