Archery Canada Regional Indoor Target Championships

Wascana Archers is proud to be a host site for Archery Canada's Regional Indoor Championships on March 3-5 at our new 109 Hodman Road facility in Regina.  The Regional Indoor Championships are shot as an Indoor Target Archery 600; 20 rounds, of 3 arrows each.  The cost is only $20 for Cub/Pre-Cub (14 years and younger), and $30 for Cadets and older.

Arrive about an hour early as the Judge's equipment inspection will be 45 minutes prior to the time below.  The 30 minute practice will start at the times listed below.  We currently have the following shoot times and target assignments availability:

  • Friday, March 3rd at 7 PM (Full!)

  • Saturday, March 4th at 9 AM (14 Remaining)

  • Saturday, March 4th at 2 PM (9 Remaining)

  • Sunday, March 5th at 9 AM (17 Remaining)

  • Sunday, March 5th at 2 PM (5 Remaining)

Fill out and submit the following form once for each shooter/equipment category to register your preferred choice for shoot time.  We will respond with confirmation of your time and send the details about your payment options (etransfer/online payment).  No refunds though.  If any questions, please contact us!  

You can also check the confirmed archer list.

Note:  We will respect Archery Canada's rules about restricting camouflage clothing for this National shoot.  Please see the clothing rules on their website.  Camouflage equipment is NOT restricted.

The Archery Canada Rule Book has the details about equipment classifications and requirements.  The official score cards are here.