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Wascana Archers Outdoor Mailmatch

Please register now for Archery Canada Outdoor Mailmatch!

Wascana Archers Fall 3D

Come join us in August for our Fall 3D Classic!  For the first time, there is now a new "Known 50" category in play for those interested!!

Saturday/Sunday August 18/19!

Wascana Archers 2018 Reduced Membership Rate!

We have reduced the rate for our 2018 memberships effective today for the remaining of the year!  2018 Wascana Archers Memberships are available instantly with our online order.

Wascana Archers Outdoor 720s!

Be sure to check our Outdoor 720 page for details and to register for upcoming outdoor 720s

  • July 26 Single 720 (scoring 6:30PM)
  • July 29 Optional Double 720 (scoring 10:45AM and/or 2:45PM)

Wascana Archers Spring Bear Outdoor 3D!!!

Congrats to all the shooters this weekend that attended our 42nd Annual Spring Bear 3D!  Big thanks to all the volunteers to help us setup and put on another wonderful event.  Check out the results, and photos below!

Congrats to Members Representing our Club!

Please check out our Member Appreciation page here!

Wascana Archers 2018 Memberships Available Now!

We are excited for another year of archery, fellowship, and memories, so we hope everyone checks out some of the benefits of joining Wascana Archers!  New this year is a Youth Membership reduced rate for archers 15 or under as of December 31, 2018!  Please see our Membership page for full details and how to get instant access with online purchase now!

Congratulations to the new and returning executive to help guide our club for the following year! 

Wascana Archers Outdoor 3D Shoots

Get ready for our 3 upcoming 3D shoots this summer!

  • Spring Bear Outdoor 3D - April 21/22
  • K50 Fun Shoot - June 9/10
  • Fall 3D Shoot - August 18/19

Introduction to Archery Program!

Intro to Archery program.  For $20 cash you can enjoy an hour and half of fun, with all equipment and instruction included!  This is a great program to try our sport before you invest in equipment.

Member Update Emails

If you are a current member, and not receiving emails from us, contact us and we will investigate.  We use email to send range status updates, meeting minutes, and even changes to pass codes so want to ensure we have all our members accurately recorded.