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Wascana July Meeting - Moved to July 13 - 7:30PM

The monthly meeting will be moved to Thursday, July 13 - 7:30PM at the outdoor range.

Wascana Archers Outdoor 720

We are pleased to announced 3 Outdoor 720 shoots at our beautiful outdoor facilities in July.  Register now for July 9th, 20th, 23rd, 27th and 30th!

Congratulations Madison in World Cup!

Huge congratulations to our very own archer, Madison Hart, on her recent World Cup of Archery tournament results in Salt Lake City!  She faced literally the worlds best, and made it to the 1/8 playoff bracket with her amazing showing!  Please read this World Cup Report for more details on Madison, and her two other Saskatchewan delegates.

Thank you Madison, for proudly representing your Club, City, Province and Country in the Worlds!

Wascana Archers Reduced Rate for Remaining 2017

Effective today, we are offering a pro-rated Wascana Archers membership for the remaining of 2017 for any new memberships sold.  All household and individual memberships are each only $200 effective until December 31, 2017!

Wascana Archers Outdoor Fall 3D Shoot

Join us August 12/13 for our Fall 3D Shoot!  Plus our major lotto draw winner will be randomly selected on the Sunday evening!

Wascana Archers Outdoor Mail Match

SAA members can register now for Archery Canada's Outdoor Mail Match hosted at our lovely outdoor facility from June 18 to September 30!

Wascana Archers 2017 Spring Bear 3D Results

Thanks to all those who came out to support our shoot!  Good luck to the kids that were preparing for N.A.I.Games this Summer!  The results for the weekend can be found here.  Congrats to all the good shooters, and to all those and dusted off their bows for our event!  All raffle prizes have been claimed!

Wascana Archers 2017 Fundraiser Lottery

Everyone! Checkout our 2017 Lottery Prize Draw!  Tickets are available online or at any of our 3D shoots, meetings, events, etc.  We have a wild boar hunt for 2, plus two other G5 Prime bow draws!

Madison Hart to represent Canada at World Cup

Our own Madison Hart will represent Canada at the World Cup in Salt Lake City this June.  Congrats and good luck to her!

Introduction to Archery

For any non members that would like to try archery, our Intro to Archery program is perfect for you!  For $15 per shooter, you pay at the door, use our equipment, and get to try the sport.  We hope you get hooked.  More details on our Intro page.

2017 Wascana Archers Memberships Available!

Our 2017 Memberships are now available, and you can purchase online for instant access.  Check out the Membership tab above! 

Member Update Emails

If you are a current member, and not receiving emails from us, contact us and we will investigate.  We use email to send range status updates, meeting minutes, and even changes to pass codes so want to ensure we have all our members accurately recorded.