Outdoor Mailmatch 2019 - COMING SUMMER 2019!

Wascana Archers is happy to offer Outdoor Mailmatch to its members in 2018.  The Archery Canada Outdoor Mailmatch shoots the 720 Round.  An individual evening consists of 72 arrows, 6 arrows shot at each end and shot at target size and distance according to the applicable Archery Canada categories.  The Outdoor Mailmatch will be open to competition from July 1 through to September 30.  Over the course of the competition individual archers may submit up to 18 scores, one scoring round per calendar week.  Compound archers will shoot at a 80cm target face, while recurve/barebow will shoot at a larger 122cm target.

At the end of the competition only the top 6 scores will be used to calculate the average score for each archer.  As long as 6 scores are received before the September 30th deadline you can be involved.

All Archery Canada equipment divisions recognized for Target Archery, and all Archery Canada age classes apply.  See the Archery Canada's website, http://www.archerycanada.ca/en/tournament-information/outdoor-mailmatch-rules, for more detailed information.

Shooting nights will be Sundays at 3:00 pm.

Registration is $10, plus $5/evening to help pay for the expenses.  Please register below, once for each archer!  We will contact you to confirm shortly after.  Contact us if any questions.

Thank you!