Wascana Archers is pleased to announce hosting the MICA Indoor 600 FITA Shoot at our indoor facilities!  Please submit the registration form below for EACH archer to reserve their spot!  Registration is $30 per archer.  Please contact us if any questions!

Equipment Check & Practice starts 1 hour before the scoring times below:

  • Sunday, March 18th - 9AM Scoring
  • Sunday, March 18th - 2PM Scoring

Multi-sites Indoor Championship of the Americas (MICA) is an Indoor FITA 600 consisting of 60 scored shots, with 3 arrows per end, over 20 ends.  There is a time limit of 2 minutes per end.  Archers shoot at either single or triple 40cm target sizes depending on their age and equipment categories.  Contact us prior to registration about 60cm Cub/Precub archers.  See the Archery Canada site for more details - http://www.archerycanada.ca/en/tournament-information/mica-tournament-information