New Memberships and Renewal 2017

Effective today, we are offering a pro-rated Wascana Archers membership for the remaining of 2017.  All household and individual memberships are each only $200 effective until December 31, 2017.


Becoming a member of Wascana Archers Club has some great value for archers of all ages and skill levels!  Our members have these benefits:

  • 65 Years of Club History
  • 24/7 Access to our all new Wascana Archers Indoor Range (tall, bright, open, clean, main level)
  • 24/7 Access to our unmatched Wascana Archers 60 Acre outdoor range, 3D, and field course
  • Saskatchewan Archery Association (SAA) membership - Insurance Benefits
  • Archery Canada membership
  • Indoor range onsite bow and arrow tuning centre/work bench
  • Access to the Junior Olympic Program (JOP) - Youth ages 8-20 (Pending room and availability)
  • Meeting like minded people and being part of our community
  • Voting rights at monthly meetings and Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Notifications and status updates via email and FaceBook
  • Discounted rate for multiple member households and children under 8

Wascana Archers Yearly Memberships Rates

  • Individual/First Household Membership - $300 remaining 2017 only $200!
  • Second Household Membership - $250 remaining 2017 only $200!
  • Additional Household Membership(s) - $200
  • Child turning 7 or under this year - $100
  • NonShooting Membership(s) - $100 (for non-shooting parents/guardians of youth under 16)
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership - $50 (approved 25+ year members of Wascana Archers)

Household discounts apply to all members in the same household with the same address*

We have the following payment options available:

  • Online Credit Card with quick access to both facilities (2% Credit Card Processing Fee applied at checkout)
  • eTransfer after filling the Membership Application Form below
  • Cash or cheque payment to "Wascana Archers Inc." can be dropped off at our indoor facility in a provided envelope with the members name, phone number, and email to a locked box at the front desk.  You must first still submit the Membership Application Form below.

Once payment has been processed you will shortly receive an email with details for full exclusive access to our indoor and outdoor facilities.  If you pay online with a credit card, you will shortly receive a welcome email with immediate access to both our facilities.  If you need the door code faster, contact us!

If you have any questions relating to membership or do not receive your email shortly after payment (check your junk mail first), please send an email to our Membership Director.

Our Terms, Range Rules and Policies must be followed to ensure safe and fun enjoyment by all our members.

Please fill click one of the following payment options to proceed with your membership application: